At just 17, Macy has experienced incredible growth in her fanbase and boasts a cult-like fan following of music fans called Macynators, who have helped her gain an impressive position within social media influencers and the Macynator fandom mobilized a twitter campaign to land Macy a spot on the legendary Vans Warped Tour for 2015 and 2016. She is also finishing a tour with Google with social media stars, Bethany Mota and Kurt Hugo Schneider where they’ve toured Toronto, Manila, Singapore and Jakarta. While she may be one of the younger personalities on YouTube, her massive growth in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle arena has been incredible with tier 1 brand deals including Dove, Disney, HP, L’Oreal Paris, Old Navy, Ricoh and Samsung. Macy also consistently produces music video content that is edgy and thoughtful of her teen fans and connects on everyday teen issues with her creative compositions of current covers and her choices of lyrical content, including a video with 20 Million views. As executives with Awesomeness Television Network mentioned, “Macy is one of our fresh young new talents and she will have 1 Million subscribers in no time, possibly within 18 months.” as proven with her original song “Ih8 That” garnering over 1.3 Million views recently.

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  1. Enjoyed your performance on rising star. Checked out your website. Was watching “You Gave Me Love” lyrics video and noticed that the title on the page reads “You Game Me Love”. You might want to fix the typo. Good luck with the show.

    1. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I wouldn’t have noticed. And thanks for the your support. I really appreciate it!
      Macy Kate #7/8 #stayinspired

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